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LifeStraw - Personal Water Filter Straw w/Carry Case

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Product Details

Going to Havasupai? Drink directly from the stream on your way to Beaver Falls. This straw provides protection against bacteria, parasites, microplastics, silt, sand, and cloudiness

  • Carry case included
  • Weight: 2.3 oz | 65 g 
  • Dimensions: 1.26 x 7.7 in | 3.2 x 19.5 cm
  • Meets US EPA & NSF P231 drinking water standards for the removal of bacteria and parasites
  • BPA Free, FDA approved, premium materials 
  • Ultralight and durable, pack it anywhere for your backup hydration, emergency, or on-the-go needs
  • Unlimited shelf life means no need to worry about how long it’s been in your emergency go-bag unused
  • Highly versatile: Can also be attached to most water bottles and to standard gravity hoses with removable threaded bottom cap
  • Long-lasting membrane microfilter will last up to 4,000 L (1,000 gallons) of water, that’s enough drinking water for one for over 5 years 
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